AirGo Comfort-Plus Lightweight Transport Chair

AirGo Comfort-Plus Lightweight Transport Chair


With detachable full flip-back armrests
Airgo® Comfort-Plus™ Lightweight Transport Chair
For who you are, where you live, what you need…

The new and improved Airgo transport chair now has more security and comfort enhancing features then ever before. Flip-back detachable arms make easier to transfer in and out, or simply get closer to a table. And, added side panels help protect from bumps and bangs along the way. Anatomically correct armrest height along with heel loops on the easy-adjust swing-away footrests make it even more secure and comfortable to sit in. Comfort-grip™ wheels provide shock absorption, better brake performance, and they’re easier to clean.

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  • Anatomically correct seat-to-armrest height for a naturally erect posture
  • Detachable full flip-back armrests for effortless transfer
  • Fold-down back for easy transportation and storage
  • Comfort-Grip 8" wheels, for in- and outdoor use and easy maintenance
  • Removable push-in swing-away footrests with tool-free adjustment of length for greater comfort.
  • Easy-adjust footrests with heel-loops for added support and comfort. Heel-loops and seatbelt included as standard features for increased safety.
  • Dual locking rear wheels for safe, secure transfers.
  • Chip-resistant finishing and no sharp edges on hardware.
  • Lightweight and compact weighing only 9.2 kg.
  • Weight capacity: 300 lb (136 kg).
  • Each chair is assigned a unique serial number located on the bottom crossbar for effective after-sale product support.


Note: Net weight does not include accessories.
Frame and cross-brace:3 years
All other metal parts: 6 months
Upholstery, plastic and rubber: 3 months

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