Bedside Commode – Luxury

Bedside Commode – Luxury



Bedside Commode – Luxury Features

Bedside Commode – Luxury (JBA500) – $361
  • Heavy Duty, made to last.
  • Designed to fit in with the decor of most homes.
  • Modesty cover reduces the visibility of the pail.
  • A buckle is fitted to hold modesty covers in place when seat is in the upright position.
  • Covered with luxury padded upholstery.
  • Frame is aluminium heavy duty oval tube frame construction with anti corrosive properties.
  • Extension legs are height adjustable.
  • Suction rubber tips.
  • To fit or remove the pail, access is either from the front or the rear of the chair.
  • Backrest is softly padded and is removable.
  • Padded armrests.
  • Seat is hinged and flips up, and is made from spill resistant upholstery.
  • Pail and lid included.

Bedside Commode – Luxury Specifications

Overall Heightmin93.5cm max108.5cm
Overall Length60cm
Overall Width62cm
Seat Depth49cm
Seating Width48.5cm
Seat Heightmin50cm max65cm
Armrest Height17cm
Unit Weight10.1kg
Weight Capacity160kg

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