Invacare The Action 2NG

Invacare The Action 2NG

The all-new Action 2NG has been developed from the tried-and-tested Action 3 concept. The specifications meet the basic needs of the users whilst refusing to compromise on safety or comfort. The next generation Action 2NG shares the same essential platform as the Action 3, offering a low total weight for easy handling combined with good driving abilities. Due to the shared use of common components,the Action 2NG perfectly fits into the ActionNG Family.

The Action 2NG Features

Light and comfortable
With a weight from 16,2 kg, the Invacare Action 2NG fulfills all essential functional requirements. The stable folding frame means the wheelchair is easy to handle and the light weight makes transportation trouble-free. Crosscompatibility with other members of the ActionNG Family ensures that the Action 2NG can be easily adapted to meet individual user needs.
Quality of life
The tried-and-tested technology of the ActionNG Family products allow the users to go wherever they desire.Cross-compatibility with Action 3NG and Action 4NG make this an ideal, basic, fleet product.
  • Swing in and out footrest
    The 80o footrest swings in and out for easy transfers in or out of the chair
  • Adjustable center of gravity
    The newly-designed rear wheel plate can be adjusted by 5 cm.
  • Anti-tippers
    Provide extra safety on slopes or uneven ground.

The Action 2NG Specification

Weight Capacity125 kg
Item Weight15kg
Dimentions Length x Width x height (if available)84.5 cm x 58.6 cm x 93.5 cm

The Action 2NG Documents

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